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About Me
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I have been working on the Niderost Family tree for over 10 years. My biggest problem is getting the time to update this site with all of the new information and photos that I acquire. I hope that this information will help you in your quest for finding your "roots".

I was born and raised in Northern California. I was lucky to meet and talk to some of my family that are on these pages when I was very young. My Grandpa (Joseph Benedict Niderost) never drove a car. He had a ranch in Hopland, California in the 1930s, and grew hops for the breweries.  This property is now owned by the California State University.   As late as the 1960s, Grandpa used to take Grandma for a buggy ride to church on Sunday.

If you have memories and would like to share them with the world, please email your stories to me. I will include them on this site.

I now live and work in Jacksonville, Florida as a computer programmer. My hobbies are photography, motorcycles, and coin collecting. Most of my family are back in California. My parents are retired and living in the Ukiah, California area (near Hopland).

If you are interested in acquiring a CD ROM with all of the information on this web site (and more), just send me an email. The price should be less than $10 (US) including postage (within the US).

You can also write to me at:

Tom Niderost
P O Box 26128
Jacksonville, FL  32226

Links to photographs of our trips etc!

Visit the Niderost Genealogy Store for Books, Music, Software, etc.

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