Click here for recent color photos of the St. Katharina Chapel.
St. Katharina Chapel lights up after three-year restoration with a new shine.
“It is again one of the most valuable chapels”
The restoration of the Nideröst chapel St. Katharina in Oberschönenbuch, took over 3 years.  The expenditure was well worth it.


The 300 year old St. Katharina family chapel restoration project in Oberschönenbuch, lasted 3 years and cost approximately 150 000 Swiss Franks.  The end of the project will be celebrated tomorrow with a special service.

At the flank of the Fronalpstocks, high over the valley of Schwyz, general and Landammann Franz Leodegar Nideröst built the St. Katharina chapel in Oberschönenbuch in 1691. It is similar to many of the 17th or 18th century family chapels built in the region.  Even though this chapel is similar to the others in the area, this one has it own characteristics.  In particular the extremely valuable altarpiece that was created in 1739, which honors " mystische Vermaehlung Katharinas".  Other representations in the choir loft and on the ceiling also refer to the life and Martyrdom of the Egyptian Philosopher Katharina.

In 1971 the plans to restore the Chapel by the Nideröst descendents were unsuccessful.  But with the local community support over the last 3 years, the restoration was successful.

The attempts in 1971 to restore the chapel were largely unsuccessful due to moisture and humidity destroying the murals.  Many of the necessary repairs were unable to be completed in the 1971 attempt.

The recent restoration began with the outside walls and roof, and the bell tower was newly recovered.  The windows and entrance doors were repaired also.   The restoration costs were about 150 000 Swiss Franks.  The funding was supported by the Swiss Federation, Canton Schwyz, local cities, community donations, Nideröst funding, as well as donations from the Church in Oberschönenbuch.  

Construction supervisor Victor Nideröst seemed very pleased with the results of the project, saying “today the St. Katharina Chapel is again one of  the most interesting and most valuable chapels in the old Schwyz country”

Minister Franz Baumann from Ibach states that the Chapel could again be valued as a “religious center” in Oberschönenbuch.  A special service tomorrow Sunday, at 9 o'clock, will celebrate the conclusion of the restoration work.

Click here for recent color photos of the St. Katharina Chapel.