Welcome to the Niderost Family Tree website.  This site provides information about the Niderost family, genealogy data, and information about individual  Niderosts. Feel free to contribute information or suggest changes - just click on my name at the bottom of this page, to email me.  (Deutsch)

Important Links: Genealogy:
Patent of Nobility Genealogy Pages
Battle of Marignano Purchase Niderost and Genealogy related Items
Nideröst House Built in 1176!
St. Katherina Chapel Restoration  
LDS Church Genealogy Search Site  
Our Vacation in Switzerland       
Everything you ever wanted to know about Switzerland.  New!  
The Swiss-German dialect   New!
Links to Other Niderost Sites
Dittli Family History (With Niderost Genealogy)
The Story of William Tell (Albin Dittli Site)
Tom Niderost  

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